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Zcash (free) Download Full | **UPDATE

A privacy-protecting, digital currency built on strong science - Zcash

Zcash (free) Download Full | **UPDATE

Published Date: 2024-05-01

Zcash Free Download

Zcash is an open - source cryptocurrency that provides enhanced privacy and anonymity for its users. It was launched in 2016 and is based on the Zerocoin protocol, which allows for private transactions without revealing the sender or recipient's identity. Zcash uses advanced cryptographic techniques to achieve this level of privacy, making it a popular choice for those who value their financial privacy.

Zcash (ZEC) is available for download on various platforms, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. It can be used to send and receive payments, as well as to store value. Zcash is traded on several major cryptocurrency exchanges, making it easy to buy, sell, or trade the cryptocurrency. It is also supported by a wide range of wallets, both hardware and software, providing users with multiple options for storing their ZEC.

Zcash: Zcash is the future of money-- digital, decentralized and private. It is an implementation of the "Zerocash" protocol; a digital currency based on Bitcoin's code, but with a higher standard of privacy. Like Bitcoin, Zcash transaction data is posted to a public blockchain. However unlike Bitcoin, your personal and transaction data stay completely private. Thanks to a sophisticated zero-knowledge proving scheme, transactions can be verified without showing any information at all about the sender, receiver or transaction amount. Selective disclosure features are available for users who may need these for compliance or audit purposes. Zcash was built by top cryptographers, with an underlying protocol based on the research of scientists from MIT, Technion, Johns Hopkins, Tel Aviv University and UC Berkeley.