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Greetings, esteemed visitors and users of [] Online and Mobile Resources! We extend our gratitude for your presence here and for taking the time to peruse this Privacy Statement, effective as of February 21th, 2024, following recent amendments.

Our comprehensive Privacy Statement encompasses a myriad of aspects, delineating the nuances of data collection, usage, disclosure, and protection. Within these digital pages, we elucidate the scope of Personal Data we gather as controllers, the manner in which we employ it, our esteemed affiliations, and the measures we undertake to safeguard your privacy rights.

Venturing further, our discourse delves into the labyrinth of terminology, establishing a common lexicon for clarity and comprehension. The term "Statement," omnipresent in our narrative, refers explicitly to this Privacy Statement, serving as a beacon of transparency in our communication. Likewise, references to "Company," "we," "us," "our," or " []" epitomize the collective identity of Slashdot Media LLC and its affiliates.

As we navigate the digital landscape, it is imperative to delineate the breadth of our Online and Mobile Resources, encompassing websites, portals, and ancillary features curated by  []. Furthermore, our engagements extend beyond mere content dissemination, encapsulating bespoke marketing endeavors, denoted as Lead Ads and Content, and interactions across external social media platforms.

Central to our discourse is the notion of "Personal Data," a cornerstone in our commitment to privacy and data sovereignty. Defined expansively, it encompasses information that uniquely identifies you or holds the potential to do so, mirroring the contours of applicable legal frameworks.

Embarking on this voyage, we elucidate the stakeholders to whom this Statement extends its purview. From discerning Visitors and Users navigating our digital realm to the custodians of our esteemed clientele and the custodianship of Vendor and Business Partner Personnel, each cohort merits a bespoke narrative tailored to their interactions with our ecosystem.

Delving deeper, we unravel the tapestry of data collection modalities, encompassing voluntary disclosures, automated mechanisms, and insights gleaned from third-party repositories. Each avenue underscores our commitment to seamless user experiences, personalized engagements, and regulatory compliance, encapsulating the essence of our privacy ethos.

In essence, our Privacy Statement serves as a testament to our unwavering dedication to transparency, integrity, and user-centricity. As you traverse our digital precincts, we encourage meticulous perusal of these guiding principles, ensuring a symbiotic relationship grounded in trust and mutual respect.

Upon accessing our Online and Mobile Resources through a mobile device, such as a phone, the mobile provider might transmit specific data to us, including uniquely identifiable mobile device data. This transmission enables us to gather mobile phone numbers and correlate them with the mobile device identification data. You have the capability to manage some of the disclosed information through your device settings.

When utilizing our Online and Mobile Resources, we may permit third-party providers, referred to as "Third-Party Digital Businesses," to deploy their own cookies or analogous technologies for engaging in similar data collection methods as previously described.

As part of our services, we occasionally identify potential customers through public websites or applications operated by third parties such as The data we gather mirrors that detailed earlier, encompassing details like names, email addresses, mailing addresses, and phone numbers, alongside potentially workplace-related information and job titles of the individuals at those potential customer organizations. Additionally, we procure datasets from third parties to verify the accuracy of the information sourced from such public outlets. In certain instances, we may utilize data procured from a third party, even if we haven't previously obtained it from a public source. We exercise prudent judgment and due diligence when acquiring data from third parties, ensuring that they have obtained Personal Data in a lawful manner.

Exercise Caution: External Platforms, Applications, Hyperlinks, and Social Networking
We maintain a presence on one or more external social media platforms, including X, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Furthermore, we may enable the community features of our Online and Mobile Resources to integrate with or be visible on that external social media presence. Similarly, our Online and Mobile Resources might feature links to other websites or applications controlled by third parties.

Should you engage with our Online and Mobile Resources using plug-ins for various social networks, such as Facebook, X, or YouTube, your activities may be subject to review by the operators of those networks and other users.

We, along with the third party owning such social network plug-ins, process the Personal Data obtained from interacting with these plug-ins as joint controllers. Our joint controller activities encompass the collection and transmission of Personal Data related to our visitors to the relevant network operators. In instances where these third parties conduct additional processing for their own purposes, they are considered the sole data controllers. For users accessing our resources from the EEA, UK, or Switzerland, our joint controller agreements with such third parties apply. These agreements delineate the respective obligations for complying with the GDPR and equivalent regulations concerning joint processing, as outlined in the applicable product terms of Facebook, X, and YouTube. It's important to note that the information collected through social network plug-ins may involve the transfer of Personal Data by the respective third parties to countries outside the European Economic Area. These international data transfers are governed entirely by the relevant third party, as outlined in their privacy and cookie policies, typically relying on the DPF certification of these social networks.

We bear no responsibility for the content or privacy practices of social media platforms, or any third-party websites or applications linked to from our resources. Such applications, sites, and platforms operate independently from us and are thus governed by their own privacy policies and terms of use. To clarify: neither this Statement nor the terms of use applicable to our Online and Mobile Resources extend to our social media presence or any third-party websites or applications we may link to. This means that even if you perform an Affinity Action on our specific social media profile, and identifiers pertaining to you are automatically collected and transmitted to us, the collection and transfer are subject to the privacy policies and terms of the relevant social media platform. For inquiries regarding the collection, usage, and disclosure of Personal Data by those applications, sites, and platforms, it's advisable to carefully review their privacy policies and utilize the contact information provided.


We retain Personal Data for a duration aligned with the purposes of collection and processing, as well as to fulfill our legal obligations and safeguard our legitimate interests. The retention period for Personal Data is determined based on various factors, including the volume, nature, and sensitivity of the data, the potential risks associated with unauthorized use or disclosure, alternative means of achieving processing objectives, and any applicable legal mandates. For instance, we retain certain identifiers for as long as necessary to maintain your account and provide our products and services, fulfill tax and accounting obligations, preserve records for research, development, and safety purposes, and for additional periods to protect our rights, defend against potential claims, and meet legal requirements.


We may disclose your Personal Data as outlined below, subject to compliance with Comprehensive Privacy Laws, such as legal grounds for processing under EU/UK/Swiss laws and opt-out mechanisms under U.S. Privacy Laws.

Corporate Affiliates
Subject to applicable law, we may share Personal Data with other corporate affiliates for utilization in a manner consistent with how we employ it under this Statement.

Legal Obligations
Personal Data may be disclosed to government entities and other third parties when mandated or permitted by law, including in response to court orders and subpoenas.

Prevention of Harm
We may disclose Personal Data if there are reasonable grounds to believe that an individual is causing or may cause harm to our rights, property, or other persons or property.

Business Transactions
In the event of a sale, transfer, or acquisition involving our assets, equity interests, or securities, Personal Data may be among the transferred assets. Such disclosures may include pre-transaction disclosures, such as during due diligence processes.

Service Providers and Business Collaborators
Personal Data is shared with service providers, contractors, processors, and business partners (referred to as "Vendors") as necessary to perform services for us under existing contracts, including Third-Party Digital Businesses associated with our Online and Mobile Resources.

As a data-focused business-to-business demand generation marketing and technology entity, we offer services to assist our business clientele in comprehending and expanding their target audiences, such as email marketing, lead generation, and advertising. Within these services, we collect specific Personal Data, primarily limited to names, email addresses, job titles, locations, and phone numbers, which are subsequently sold as part of our broader service spectrum. Consent withdrawal or instructions to refrain from selling or further selling Personal Data can be initiated at any time by visiting our opt-out/do not sell portal.


Implementation of Our Data Security Program
We have established and uphold an enterprise-wide corporate data security and privacy program (the "Security Program"), comprising technical, organizational, administrative, and other security measures to safeguard Personal Data against foreseeable or actual security threats, as mandated by applicable law. While we believe our Security Program is reasonable and suitable for our business and the anticipated risks associated with the Personal Data we handle, we cannot guarantee absolute protection against unauthorized access to, loss of, or accidental destruction of data, whether during transmission, storage on our systems, or while under the care of our Vendors. Apart from our legal obligation to maintain the Security Program, we disclaim, to the fullest extent permitted by law, any liability for theft, loss, unauthorized access, damage to, or interception of data or communications, including Personal Data.

If we utilize your Personal Data for sending marketing materials, such as newsletters or product alerts via email, you retain the option to opt out or withdraw consent by following the instructions provided in the relevant email or communication. Additionally, residents of specific jurisdictions possess additional rights, as outlined in the U.S. State Privacy Rights and GDPR Privacy Rights sections below. Upon receipt of your request, we will take reasonable measures to remove your name from our distribution lists, although it may require some time to complete the process. You may continue to receive materials for a period following your opt-out request. Adjustments to Affinity Actions or other submissions or requests made on our external social media presence may necessitate direct action on the respective platform, as we lack control over their procedures.

Tracking technologies may be employed to collect information about your utilization of our Online and Mobile Resources and certain third-party services across various periods and services. This data may be utilized by us and third parties to associate your usage across different devices and deliver pertinent, retargeted ads or other content on our Service and select third-party services. While some browsers offer a do not track ("DNT") feature, which enables users to indicate their preference not to have online activities tracked, we do not support DNT due to the absence of industry consensus regarding its treatment. However, we endorse Global Privacy Control ("GPC") in jurisdictions where it's mandated, such as California. GPC signals convey a Do Not Sell / Share / Target request from a global privacy control, if enabled for that browser or device, or from the data subject if they can be identified. Further details on GPC can be found in the U.S. Privacy Laws section below.

Under certain laws, you possess additional rights to withdraw consent, restrict processing, and/or instruct us not to sell/share your Personal Data or utilize it for targeted advertising. We elaborate on these rights and the procedure for exercising them here.

Federal legislation in the U.S. imposes specific restrictions and obligations on commercial website operators that target and collect and use Personal Data from children under the age of 13. Various Comprehensive Privacy Laws also regulate Personal Data processing concerning children and minors. We adhere strictly to these age-related requirements and, in accordance with them, do not intend for our Online and Mobile Resources to be accessed or utilized by individuals below the age of majority. Moreover, we do not knowingly collect Personal Data from minors. In the event that we become aware of any Personal Data submitted by individuals below the age of majority, we will delete such data, except to maintain records of the action taken. Parents or legal guardians who believe we have collected Personal Data about their minor child can reach out to us for resolution. California minors have specific rights, in addition to those outlined in this section.

Privacy and data protection legislation varies worldwide and among individual states within the United States. Our obligations under most of the world's privacy laws, including U.S. federal and most state laws, are determined through risk assessments conducted to ensure we act reasonably and responsibly in processing your Personal Data. However, in some jurisdictions, privacy laws grant specific rights to data subjects regarding their Personal Data. We refer to these laws as "Comprehensive Privacy Laws." Examples include the European Union's GDPR, the UK GDPR, Switzerland's data protection law based on the GDPR, and various consumer privacy statutes in U.S. states such as California, Colorado, Utah, Virginia, and effective July 1, 2024, Texas ("U.S. Privacy Laws"). In other jurisdictions, such as Nevada, narrower privacy laws share some features with Comprehensive Privacy Laws, such as the right to opt out of the sale of Personal Data.

The nature and scope of our business activities render us subject to some, though not necessarily all, Comprehensive Privacy Laws. For instance, we are subject to the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), GDPR, and, effective July 1, 2024, the Texas Data Privacy and Security Act (TDPSA). Consequently, when we collect Personal Data from individuals protected by the CCPA, TDPSA (upon its effective date), or GDPR, we are subject to and those individuals possess rights under these Comprehensive Privacy Laws. This section of our Statement elucidates your rights under these laws. For the purposes of this section, "you" and "your" exclusively refer to California and Texas consumers (as defined by CCPA and TDPSA) and data subjects whose Personal Data was collected while they were in a GDPR jurisdiction.

Inquiries concerning the application of Comprehensive Privacy Laws in other jurisdictions can be directed to us using the contact information provided.

Rights Entitlements and Our Commitments According to U.S. Privacy Legislation

Data Categories Compiled
Over the preceding 12 months leading to the effectiveness of this Privacy Declaration, we have amassed and processed the ensuing categories of Personal Data:

Identifiers such as designation, domicile, electronic mail, IP designation, and akin descriptors.
Beneficiaries: Third-Party Digital Ventures and our commercial patrons.
Personal Data governed by the Customer Records segment of the California Civil Code, like appellation, location, phone number, credit card digits.

Beneficiaries: Service Providers (inclusive of overarching IT, cloud computing, software, and additional business providers), as well as other factions within our corporate fold, and/or external entities (such as litigants and governmental agencies).

Commercial intelligence encompassing wares or amenities procured or contemplated.
Beneficiaries: Service Providers (encompassing general IT, cloud computing, software, and supplementary business suppliers, along with data analysis purveyors, data processors, and marketing entities), plus other corporate constituents, and/or external parties (such as litigants and governmental agencies).

Internet/electronic engagements like browsing annals and quest records.
Beneficiaries: Service Providers (comprising general IT, cloud computing, software, and auxiliary business vendors, in addition to data analysis providers, data processors, and marketing organizations), along with other corporate affiliates, and/or external factions (such as litigants and governmental entities).

Geographical coordinate/physical site data.
Beneficiaries: Service Providers (embracing general IT, cloud computing, software, and auxiliary business vendors, together with data analysis purveyors, data processors, and marketing entities), along with other corporate entities, and/or external bodies (such as litigants and governmental agencies).

Auditory, visual, electronic, or analogous data.
Beneficiaries: Service Providers (encompassing general IT, cloud computing, software, and additional business vendors, premises security suppliers, and call center service providers), as well as other corporate constituents, and/or external factions (like litigants and governmental entities).
Professional or occupational-related data like job designation and organizational affiliation.
Beneficiaries: Service Providers (including general IT, cloud computing, software, and additional business vendors, and data processors), as well as other corporate affiliates, and/or external entities (like litigants and governmental agencies).

Deductions derived from the aforementioned to craft a dossier concerning a consumer, reflecting commercial inclinations, predispositions, behavior, and attitudes.
Beneficiaries: Service Providers (comprising general IT, cloud computing, software, and supplementary business vendors, in addition to data analysis purveyors, data processors, and marketing entities), as well as other corporate entities, and/or external factions (like litigants and governmental agencies).

Confidential Personal Information: for crafting a consumer profile mirroring commercial inclinations, predispositions, behavior, and attitudes.
Log-in credentials (like username and password for online accounts with the Company).
Beneficiaries: Service Providers (including general IT, cloud computing, software, and additional business vendors, and data processors), as well as other corporate affiliates, and/or external factions (such as litigants and governmental agencies).

Due to the multiplicity of Personal Data sorts within each classification and the manifold applications for each Personal Data sort, genuine retention periods fluctuate. We conserve specific Personal Data items based on the duration for which we possess a valid objective for retention. For comprehensive details concerning our retention customs, click here.


Broadly, we manage your Personal Data to offer you amenities and as otherwise linked to the functioning of our commercial enterprise, encompassing one or more of the ensuing commercial purposes: executing amenities; handling interactions and transactions; safeguarding; rectifying glitches; endorsing and marketing; quality assertion; processing interactions and transactions; and research and innovation.


We may also utilize Personal Data for alternative commercial purposes in a context that is not a sale or share under pertinent U.S. Privacy Legislation, like revealing it to our service providers, contractors, or processors performing services for us ("Service Providers"), to you, or to other parties at your behest or through your deed; for the additional purposes elucidated at the moment of collection (such as in the applicable privacy policy or notification); as necessitated or permitted by applicable law; to the government or private entities to comply with law or legal procedures or protect or enforce legal rights or obligations or preclude harm; and to transferees as part of an acquisition, amalgamation, asset vending, or other transaction where another party assumes control over all or a portion of our business ("Additional Commercial Purposes").


Subject to constraints and commitments under applicable U.S. Privacy Legislation, our Service Providers may also utilize your Personal Data for Commercial Purposes and Additional Commercial Purposes, and may engage subcontractors to enable them to perform services for us.

What origins did we derive Personal Data from and for what rationales did we amass it and do we handle it?
Kindly revisit this segment of this Privacy Declaration to comprehend the scope of purposes and the origins from which we amass and for which we handle Personal Data.

Your U.S. State Privacy Entitlements
As delineated further below, contingent on satisfying the prerequisites for a Verified Consumer Entreaty (outlined below) and boundaries allowable by applicable U.S. Privacy Law, we confer individuals the privacy entitlements expounded in this segment, as necessitated by applicable U.S. Privacy Law. Though we have ascertained that we are subject solely to CCPA and TDPSA (when effective), we will entertain entreaties from consumers under any of the U.S. Privacy Laws, and from residents in states sans privacy entitlements, but will employ our discretion regarding, and if and how, we handle such entreaties. We will also ponder applying state law entitlements antecedent to the effective date of such laws, but will do so at our discretion.


If you invoke these entitlements, we will not discriminate against you by treating you differently from other individuals who utilize our Online and Mobile Resources or procure our amenities but did not invoke their entitlements.

Under CCPA, a consumer encompasses persons in their capacity as our Workforce and Job Applicants, hence this "Your U.S. State Privacy Entitlements" segment also pertains to them. It does not, however, pertain to our Workforce or Job Applicants who are not prevailing California residents.

Acquaint – California consumers have the entitlement to entreat that we unveil to you, especially beyond the general proclamation immediately above, the categories of Personal Data amassed, encompassing the source of the data, our utilization of it and, if the data was divulged or sold to third parties, the categories so divulged or sold as well as the categories of third parties who obtained or purchased it.


This is not applicable in Texas and we reserve the prerogative to restrict this to California consumers.

Admittance – You possess the entitlement to obtain a replica of the categories and particular elements of Personal Data we amassed about you in the anterior 12 months.
Rectify – You possess the entitlement to request the rectification of inaccurate information amassed. You can also effect alterations to your online account in the account settings segment of the account. However, that will not, nonetheless,


Your GDPR Privacy Entitlements
Within the realm of the GDPR, you possess certain entitlements with regards to your privacy, including but not limited to the following:

Access – the entitlement to procure affirmation regarding the processing of your Personal Data, access to said Personal Data (should such processing indeed occur), additional information concerning the processing of your Personal Data (much of which is delineated within this Statement), and a duplication of the Personal Data currently under processing.
Rectification – the entitlement to rectify any inaccuracies within your Personal Data, and in certain instances, to complement incomplete Personal Data contingent upon the purposes of processing.
Erasure – also known as the "right to vanish," it pertains to the request for deletion of your Personal Data under specific circumstances, such as when it ceases to serve its original collection purpose or upon the withdrawal of consent. However, the right of erasure is not absolute and may be restricted, including situations where processing is deemed necessary for the exercise of freedom of expression and information, or for compliance with legal obligations.

Processing Restriction – the entitlement to restrict the processing of your Personal Data under certain conditions, such as when disputing the accuracy of the Personal Data (for a duration necessary to verify said accuracy), when the processing is deemed unlawful and the preference is for processing restriction rather than erasure, or when the Personal Data is no longer required for our purposes but is indispensable for establishing, exercising, or defending a legal claim.
Portability – the entitlement to receive the Personal Data you provided to us (excluding other data) under specified circumstances, such as when processing was based on consent or necessary for the execution of a contract, or when processing was conducted through automated means.
Automated Processing –  [] refrains from engaging in automated decision-making processes subject to the right to opt out under the GDPR.

Objection to Processing – the entitlement to object to the processing of your Personal Data under certain circumstances:
Legitimate Interests – if the basis for processing rests upon our legitimate interests or the performance of a task in the public interest. In such instances, cessation of processing occurs unless compelling legitimate grounds for processing override your interests, rights, and freedoms, or when the Personal Data is required to establish, exercise, or defend a legal claim.
Direct Marketing – if the processing pertains to direct marketing endeavors.
You retain the authority to exercise these entitlements by reaching out to us using the contact information provided herein. However, we may necessitate additional data to verify your identity before acceding to your request. All requests aiming to exercise these entitlements will be addressed in accordance with the GDPR. We reserve the prerogative to levy a reasonable fee for administrative expenses incurred in providing Personal Data under circumstances where the request is deemed unfounded or excessive, or alternatively, we may opt to abstain from action in such cases. We will communicate such decisions accordingly.

Initiating a Complaint
You have the prerogative to lodge a complaint with your data protection authority regarding our collection and utilization of your Personal Data. For further guidance, please refer to your local data protection authority. Contact details for data protection authorities are available here and here.

Retention of Your Personal Data
As elaborated above, we shall store and retain your Personal Data in compliance with applicable legislation and for the duration necessary to fulfill the purposes outlined herein, in accordance with our internal data retention protocols. The criteria governing retention periods are as follows:

The duration for which the Personal Data is indispensable for the relevant purposes of its usage;
The nature of the Personal Data collected; and
The presence of legal, contractual, or analogous obligations necessitating the retention of Personal Data (e.g., mandatory data retention regulations, governmental directives mandating the preservation of Personal Data pertinent to an investigation, or Personal Data that must be retained for litigation or dispute resolution purposes).

Cross-Border Data Transfer
By furnishing Personal Data to us, you acknowledge that it will be received in the United States, where our technical infrastructure is situated. We undertake such collection exclusively for the purposes delineated in this Statement. However, it is noteworthy that such direct collection does not constitute a "transfer" under the GDPR. In specific instances, we collect Personal Data from data subjects within GDPR Jurisdictions and subsequently transfer it to the U.S., international organizations, and/or third countries for the same purposes discussed herein.


In doing so, we adhere to mechanisms prescribed for lawful transfers under GDPR Articles 44 through 49, including, when appropriate, current standard contractual clauses or analogous mechanisms suitable for the relevant GDPR Jurisdiction. For additional information regarding international transfers, including a copy of standard contractual clauses, please contact us here.

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, with respect to Personal Data transferred to us from the EU, UK, or Switzerland by our business customers, (i) our Data Privacy Framework Policy applies, affording those data subjects additional rights (you can review our DPF Policy and learn how to make DPF requests); and/or (ii) to the extent that your Personal Data was transferred to the U.S. pursuant to standard contractual clauses, said clauses govern our processing of such Personal Data.

We retain the prerogative to modify or update this Statement periodically. We advise you to periodically check our Online and Mobile Resources for such updates, as all data collected is subject to the prevailing Statement at the time of collection. The effective/amendment date will be indicated at the onset of this Statement.