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Visual Regression Tracker (free) Download Full | **UPDATE

Backend and Frontend application for tracking differences via image - Visual Regression Tracker

Visual Regression Tracker (free) Download Full | **UPDATE

Published Date: 2024-05-01

Visual Regression Tracker Free Download

Introducing Visual Regression Tracker, the ultimate solution for ensuring your website's visual integrity during development and testing. This free tool seamlessly integrates with your testing workflow, allowing you to inspect and compare visual changes across multiple browser versions and devices. Visual Regression Tracker empowers developers and testers to identify and fix visual defects early on, preventing them from impacting the user experience.

Visual Regression Tracker leverages state-of-the-art image comparison algorithms to meticulously detect even the most subtle visual differences. Its user-friendly interface simplifies the comparison process, enabling users to quickly identify any inconsistencies between baseline and current screenshots. Furthermore, Visual Regression Tracker supports both local and cloud-based testing, providing flexibility and scalability to meet your testing needs. Streamline your testing process and elevate the visual quality of your website with Visual Regression Tracker, the indispensable tool for ensuring pixel-perfect design and user satisfaction.

Visual Regression Tracker: Open source, self-hosted solution for visual testing and managing results of visual testing. Service receives images, performs pixel-by-pixel comparisons with its previously accepted baseline, and provides immediate results in order to catch unexpected changes. Use implemented libraries to integrate with existing automated suites by adding assertions based on image comparison. We provide native integration with automation libraries, core SDK and Rest API interfaces that allow the system to be used with any existing programming language.