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TinyGSM (free) Download Full | **UPDATE

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TinyGSM (free) Download Full | **UPDATE

Published Date: 2024-04-14

TinyGSM Free Download

TinyGSM is a free and open-source library for Arduino that makes it easy to connect your Arduino to a GSM network. With TinyGSM, you can send and receive SMS messages, make and receive phone calls, check your call history, and more. TinyGSM is compatible with a wide range of GSM modems, including the popular SIM800L and SIM900A.

To get started with TinyGSM, you will need to download the library from the Arduino Library Manager. Once you have installed the library, you can open the Arduino IDE and create a new sketch. In the sketch, you will need to include the TinyGSM library and instantiate a TinyGSM object. You can then use the TinyGSM object to send and receive SMS messages, make and receive phone calls, and more. Here is an example code: ``` #include TinyGSM modem; void setup() { Serial.begin(115200); modem.begin(); } void loop() { if (modem.available()) { char c =; Serial.write(c); } } ```

TinyGSM: A small Arduino library for GSM modules that just works. This library is easy to integrate with lots of sketches that use Ethernet or WiFi. PubSubClient (MQTT), Blynk, HTTP Client, and File Download examples are provided. Arduino GSM library uses 15868 bytes (49%) of Flash and 1113 bytes (54%) of RAM in a similar scenario. TinyGSM also pulls data gently from the modem (whenever possible), so it can operate on very little RAM. Now, you have more space for your experiments. TCP (HTTP, MQTT, Blynk, ...) All modules support TCP connections. Most modules support multiple simultaneous connections. TCP and SSL connections can usually be mixed up to the total number of possible connections. Many GSM modems, WiFi, and radio modules can be controlled by sending AT commands over Serial. TinyGSM knows which commands to send, and how to handle AT responses, and wraps that into the standard Arduino Client interface.