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Tera Term Free Download for Windows & Mac

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Tera Term Free Download for Windows & Mac

Published Date: 2024-04-11

Tera Term Free Download

Tera Term is a free and open-source terminal emulator for Windows and Mac that provides a powerful and versatile platform for accessing remote systems and managing network devices. It supports various protocols, including SSH, Telnet, and serial connections, making it a suitable choice for system administrators, network engineers, and developers. Tera Term offers a wide range of features, including tabbed sessions, customizable toolbars, macros, and scripting capabilities, which enhance its efficiency and ease of use.

Tera Term is widely used for managing Unix/Linux servers, network routers, and switches. It provides secure remote access, allowing users to execute commands, transfer files, and configure systems from a remote location. Its tabbed interface enables effortless switching between multiple sessions, and its customizable toolbars allow users to personalize the interface to suit their specific needs. Additionally, Tera Term supports a variety of scripting languages, including Python and Perl, enabling users to automate repetitive tasks and enhance its functionality. With its powerful features and extensive customization options, Tera Term is an indispensable tool for IT professionals and anyone requiring a robust terminal emulation solution.

Tera Term : TeraTerm Project is developing the terminal emulator Tera Term and the SSH compatible extension module TTSSH. This is open source software under the BSD license. This is the official successor to the original Tera Term Pro 2.3. Development takes place on the project page on GitHub.