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NoiseGator (Noise Gate) Free Download for Windows & Mac

A simple noise gate app intended for use with VOIPs like Skype. - NoiseGator (Noise Gate)

NoiseGator (Noise Gate) Free Download for Windows & Mac

Published Date: 2024-04-12

NoiseGator (Noise Gate) Free Download

NoiseGator is a freeware noise gate effect plug-in for Windows and Mac computers. It is designed to eliminate unwanted background noise from audio recordings and live sound environments. NoiseGator uses a simple gate algorithm to detect and attenuate noise below a user-defined threshold. It offers various controls, including attack, release, threshold, and ratio, allowing users to customize the gating effect to suit their specific needs.

NoiseGator is an excellent tool for reducing noise in recordings, making it ideal for use in home studios, live sound reinforcement, and post-production. Its intuitive interface and flexible parameters make it accessible to users of all levels. The plug-in is available in both VST and AU formats, ensuring compatibility with most popular digital audio workstations (DAWs). By utilizing NoiseGator, users can enhance the clarity and quality of their audio recordings, minimizing distractions and improving overall listening experience.

NoiseGator (Noise Gate) : Ever wanted to cut out background noise when talking with others on Skype? Now it's possible! NoiseGator is a light-weight noise gate application that routes audio through an audio input to an audio output. In real-time the audio level is analysed and if the average level is higher than the threshold the audio bypasses as normal. However, if the average level goes below the threshold, the gate closes and the audio is cut. When used with a virtual audio cable it can act as a noise gate for a either a sound input(microphone) or sound output(speakers). Can also be used to gate noise from your own mic or play your microphone through your speakers. REQUIREMENTS: - Java 7 or higher for Windows. - Java 6 or higher for Mac. Java 7 recommended. - A virtual audio cable is required for use with VOIPs: For Windows users I recommend the VB-Cable driver ( Mac users can use SoundFlower.