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libfacedetection (free) Download Full | **UPDATE

Library for face detection in images - libfacedetection

libfacedetection (free) Download Full | **UPDATE

Published Date: 2024-05-01

libfacedetection Free Download

libfacedetection: This is an open source library for CNN-based face detection in images. The CNN model has been converted to static variables in C source files. The source code does not depend on any other libraries. What you need is just a C++ compiler. You can compile the source code under Windows, Linux, ARM and any platform with a C++ compiler. SIMD instructions are used to speed up the detection. You can enable AVX2 if you use Intel CPU or NEON for ARM. The model file has also been provided in directory ./models/. The file examples/detect-image.cpp and examples/detect-camera.cpp show how to use the library. The library was trained by libfacedetection.train. You can copy the files in directory src/ into your project, and compile them as the other files in your project. The source code is written in standard C/C++. It should be compiled at any platform which supports C/C++.