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bxSlider (free) Download Full | **UPDATE

Responsive jQuery content slider - bxSlider

bxSlider (free) Download Full | **UPDATE

Published Date: 2024-05-01

bxSlider Free Download

bxSlider is a free, responsive jQuery slider plugin that is used to create sliders with or without captions. It is a lightweight and customizable plugin that can be easily integrated into any web project. bxSlider supports touch events and can be used to create horizontal or vertical sliders. The plugin comes with a variety of options that allow you to customize the look and feel of your slider. You can specify the width, height, speed, and transition effects of your slider. You can also add captions to your slides and control the appearance of your navigation controls.

If you are looking for a free and easy-to-use jQuery slider plugin, then bxSlider is a great option. The plugin is well-documented and easy to use. It is also highly customizable and can be used to create a variety of different types of sliders.

bxSlider: The fully-loaded, responsive jQuery content slider. 4.2.0 Introduces a streamlined build process using gulp. Along with this new build process the projects folder structure has been changed. You will find a dist folder with all assets ready to use, including both minified and unminified versions of the javascript. These assets should be ready to go. In src you will find the uncompiled assets, including a new less version of the css for bxslider. This is an important step for bxslider. It will help speed development up and keep work clean. It also paves the way for a big revamp we have planned in the future.