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Zeal (free) Download Full | **UPDATE

Offline documentation browser inspired by Dash - Zeal

Zeal (free) Download Full | **UPDATE

Published Date: 2024-05-01

Zeal Free Download

Unleash the power of Zeal, the comprehensive free OCR software that empowers you to easily extract text from images, PDF documents, and more. With Zeal, you can convert scanned documents, handwritten notes, and even screenshots into editable text, making them searchable, sortable, and ready for your use. Whether you're a student, researcher, or professional, Zeal offers a seamless experience for all your OCR needs. Download Zeal today to experience the convenience of effortlessly capturing and digitizing text.

Zeal stands out with its user-friendly interface, making it accessible to users of all levels. Its intuitive design guides you through the process of selecting images or documents, performing OCR, and saving the extracted text in your desired format. Zeal supports a wide range of output formats, including TXT, DOCX, PDF, and HTML, ensuring compatibility with various applications and devices. Additionally, Zeal's batch processing capabilities allow you to convert multiple files simultaneously, saving you time and effort. Embrace the efficiency of Zeal and unlock the potential of your digital documents.

Zeal: Zeal is a simple offline documentation browser inspired by Dash. Get binary builds for Windows and Linux from the download page. After installing Zeal go to Tools ? Docsets to browse and download docsets. You can limit search results to specific (or a set of specific) docsets. The docset filter and the search query are delimited by a colon character (:). If you prefer, you can start Zeal with a query from the command line. You can also search multiple docsets separating them with a comma. You can limit the search scope by using ':' to indicate the desired docsets.