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USBDM Free Download for Windows & Mac

Debugging and programming interfaces for Freescale microcontroller - USBDM

USBDM Free Download for Windows & Mac

Published Date: 2024-04-11

USBDM Free Download

USBDM is a free and open-source software tool that allows users to debug and program microcontrollers. It is compatible with a wide range of microcontrollers from various manufacturers, making it a versatile solution for embedded systems development. USBDM supports both Windows and Mac operating systems, providing a convenient option for users regardless of their platform preference.

The USBDM software features an intuitive user interface that simplifies the debugging and programming process. It offers real-time debugging capabilities, allowing users to step through code, set breakpoints, and examine variables. Additionally, USBDM provides support for programming microcontrollers via a USB connection, eliminating the need for external programmers. With its ease of use and comprehensive features, USBDM is an ideal choice for both novice and experienced embedded systems developers.

USBDM : USBDM BDM Interface for Freescale Microcontrollers USBDM consists of two components: Hardware interfaces for various target devices This includes interfaces ranging from very simple hardware to more complete and capable hardware. Software to support these interfaces This includes: - Plugins to work with Freescale's Codewarrior software under Windows - Plugins to extend the usabilty of Eclipse with USBDM and Codesourcery & ARM toolchains. This includes GDB sprites providing a complete open source development toolchain. - A set of stand-alone programmer applications. These support programming of RS08, HCS08, HCS12, Coldfire and Kinetis devices. Where applicable, the software is available for Windows and Linux.