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ScriptCommunicator / serial terminal Free Download for Windows & Mac

Scriptable data terminal which supports several interfaces. - ScriptCommunicator / serial terminal

ScriptCommunicator / serial terminal Free Download for Windows & Mac

Published Date: 2024-04-13

ScriptCommunicator / serial terminal Free Download

Are you in search of a reliable and user-friendly ScriptCommunicator or serial terminal for your Windows or Mac device? Look no further than the free download of ScriptCommunicator, available online. This powerful tool empowers you to effectively communicate with serial devices, debug hardware, and automate tasks with ease.

ScriptCommunicator boasts an intuitive interface that seamlessly integrates with your workflow. Its comprehensive feature set includes customizable scripts, data logging capabilities, and support for a wide range of serial protocols. Whether you're a developer, hobbyist, or system administrator, ScriptCommunicator empowers you to connect, control, and monitor serial devices with unmatched precision and efficiency.

ScriptCommunicator / serial terminal : ScriptCommunicator is a scriptable cross-platform data terminal that supports serial port (RS232, USB to serial), UDP, TCP client/server, SPI, I2C, and CAN. All sent and received data can be shown in a console and can be logged in an html and a text log. In addition to the simple sending and receiving of data, ScriptCommunicator has a JavaScript interface. This script interface has the following features: - Scripts can send and receive data with the main interface. - In addition to the main interface scripts can create and use their own interfaces (serial port (RS232, USB to serial), UDP, TCP client, TCP server, PCAN, and SPI/I2C). - Scripts can use their own GUI (GUI files which have been created with QtDesigner (is included) or QtCreator). - Multiple plot windows can be created by scripts (QCustomPlot developed by Emanuel Eichhammer is used)