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QCacheGrind (KCacheGrind) Windows build (free) Download Full | **UPDATE

Windows prebuilt binary of QCacheGrind (better known as KCacheGrind) - QCacheGrind (KCacheGrind) Windows build

QCacheGrind (KCacheGrind) Windows build (free) Download Full | **UPDATE

Published Date: 2024-04-14

QCacheGrind (KCacheGrind) Windows build Free Download

**QCacheGrind: A Powerful Tool for Performance Profiling** QCacheGrind is an open-source performance profiling tool that provides comprehensive insights into the performance characteristics of programs. It is specifically designed for profiling C++ and Fortran applications and offers valuable features such as call graph visualization, inclusive/exclusive profiling, and detailed statistics. The tool is known for its intuitive user interface, making it accessible to both novice and experienced users. The Windows build of QCacheGrind, also referred to as KCacheGrind, is available at no cost, providing a convenient option for users to get started with performance profiling on Windows-based systems. The tool's comprehensive documentation ensures a seamless installation and setup process, enabling users to quickly begin profiling their applications and identifying performance bottlenecks.

QCacheGrind (KCacheGrind) Windows build: The QCacheGrind branch of KCacheGrind compiled with the QT5 toolkit for use in Windows. This tool allows visualisation of profiling data in the callgrind-format. For Xdebug (PHP), version 2.2+ of the extension is recommended. Currently built and tested in Windows 7 for x86 and x64. Please go to for the source. Description from the main project: KCachegrind visualizes traces generated by profiling, including a tree map and a call graph visualization of the calls happening. It's designed to be fast for very large programs like KDE applications.