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NppMenuSearch Free Download for Windows & Mac

Search Notepad++ menu items and preference settings - NppMenuSearch

NppMenuSearch Free Download for Windows & Mac

Published Date: 2024-04-12

NppMenuSearch Free Download

Are you seeking an efficient and customizable way to enhance your Notepad++ experience? Look no further than NppMenuSearch, a remarkable plugin that empowers you with a lightning-fast search functionality within your favorite menus. With NppMenuSearch, you can effortlessly locate the commands you need without having to navigate through endless menus, saving you valuable time and streamlining your workflow. It's a must-have tool for developers, programmers, and anyone who relies heavily on Notepad++ for their daily tasks.

NppMenuSearch is a breeze to install and configure, seamlessly integrating into your Notepad++ environment. Once activated, you can access the search bar by pressing a customizable hotkey combination. Simply type in the name of the command you're searching for, and NppMenuSearch will instantly display a list of matching results, providing you with quick and easy access to the functionality you need. NppMenuSearch is highly adaptable, allowing you to modify the search behavior, customize the hotkeys, and even define your own custom commands. With its intuitive interface and powerful features, NppMenuSearch is the ultimate tool for optimizing your Notepad++ experience, making you more productive and efficient than ever before.

NppMenuSearch : Plugin development moved to GitHub: Binaries continue to be served here. Notepad++ Menu Search Plugin This plugin adds a text field to the toolbar for searching menu items and preference dialog options. The plugin is inspired by a similar Visual Studio 2012 functionality. It is written in C# using the approach described in