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node-oracledb (free) Download Full | **UPDATE

Oracle Database driver for Node.js maintained by Oracle Corp - node-oracledb

node-oracledb  (free) Download Full | **UPDATE

Published Date: 2024-05-01

node-oracledb Free Download

Node.js Oracle Database Drivers is a high-performance driver for Node.js that makes it easy to connect to Oracle Database and execute SQL queries. The driver is free to download and use, and it supports all of the features of Oracle Database, including transactions, stored procedures, and LOBs. Node-oracledb also provides a rich set of features that make it easy to develop Node.js applications that interact with Oracle Database, such as connection pooling, statement caching, and Oracle Database-specific data types. You can use node-oracledb to connect to Oracle Database from any Node.js application. To get started, simply download the driver from the Oracle website and install it using the npm package manager. Once you have installed the driver, you can connect to Oracle Database using the following code:

const oracledb = require('oracledb'); oracledb.getConnection( { user: 'hr', password: 'hr', connectString: 'localhost/orclpdb1' }, (err, connection) => { if (err) { console.error(err.message); return; } connection.execute( `SELECT * FROM employees WHERE department_id = 20`, [], (err, result) => { if (err) { console.error(err.message); return; } console.log(result.rows); } ); } );

node-oracledb : The node-oracledb add-on for Node.js powers high-performance Oracle Database applications. Applications can be written in TypeScript, or directly in JavaScript. Use node-oracledb 5.4 to connect Node.js 14, or later, to Oracle Database. Older versions of node-oracledb may work with older versions of Node.js. Node-oracledb supports basic and advanced features of Oracle Database and Oracle Client. The node-oracledb module is open source and maintained by Oracle Corp. It is stable, well documented, and has a comprehensive test suite. Oracle gratefully acknowledges the contributions to node-oracledb that have been made by the community. Inbuilt Connection Pool with Queuing, Aliasing, Tagging, Draining, Heterogeneous and Homogeneous connections, Proxy connections and Liveness checking. Use of Oracle Network Service infrastructure, including encrypted network traffic and security features.