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NanoHTTPD (free) Download Full | **UPDATE

Tiny, easily embeddable HTTP server in Java - NanoHTTPD

NanoHTTPD (free) Download Full | **UPDATE

Published Date: 2024-04-15

NanoHTTPD Free Download

Introducing NanoHTTPD, a lightweight HTTP server library written in Java that empowers you with the ability to create embedded HTTP servers effortlessly. This open-source library stands out for its simplicity, making it perfect for tasks such as mocking external HTTP servers, creating test harnesses, and developing standalone web services. To enhance your experience, NanoHTTPD offers cross-platform compatibility, enabling seamless integration into your diverse development environments.

Get started with NanoHTTPD today and unlock the potential of creating custom HTTP servers tailored to your specific needs. Whether you're a Java enthusiast or a seasoned web developer, this library empowers you to streamline your development process and achieve remarkable results. With NanoHTTPD, the possibilities are endless, so dive in and unleash your creativity!

NanoHTTPD: NanoHTTPD is a light-weight HTTP server designed for embedding in other applications, released under a Modified BSD licence. It is being developed at Github and uses Apache Maven for builds & unit testing. Nanolets are like servlets only that they have a extremely low profile. They offer an easy to use system for a more complex server application. We are currently in the process of stabilizing NanoHTTPD from the many pull requests and feature requests that were integrated over the last few months. The next release will come soon, and there will not be any more "intended" major changes before the next release. If you want to use the bleeding edge version, you can clone it from Github, or get it from (see "Maven dependencies / Living on the edge" below). Fully functional HTTP(s) server consisting of one (1) Java file, ready to be customized/inherited for your own project. Simple examples on how to customize NanoHTTPD.