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MyDumper (free) Download Full | **UPDATE

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MyDumper (free) Download Full | **UPDATE

Published Date: 2024-04-14

MyDumper Free Download

MyDumper is an open-source tool that allows users to perform high-speed parallel backups of their MySQL databases. It is a popular choice for its efficiency and reliability, especially for large databases. MyDumper utilizes multiple threads to concurrently dump data from different tables, reducing the overall backup time significantly. Additionally, it supports various compression algorithms to minimize the size of the backup files, making them easier to store and transfer.

To download MyDumper, visit the official website at The latest version is available for download in various formats, including source code, pre-compiled binaries for different operating systems, and Docker images. The installation process is straightforward and well-documented, ensuring a quick and easy setup. Once installed, MyDumper can be used through a command-line interface, providing users with extensive control over the backup process. It offers a range of options to customize the backup, such as specifying the tables to be included, excluding certain data, and setting the desired compression level.

MyDumper: MyDumper is a MySQL Logical Backup Tool. It has 2 tools. mydumper which is responsible to export a consistent backup of MySQL databases. myloader reads the backup from mydumper, connects the to destination database and imports the backup. Both tools use multithreading capabilities. MyDumper is Open Source and maintained by the community, it is not a Percona, MariaDB or MySQL product. Parallelism (hence, speed) and performance (avoids expensive character set conversion routines, efficient code overall) Easier to manage output (separate files for tables, dump metadata, etc, easy to view/parse data) Consistency - maintains snapshot across all threads, provides accurate master and slave log positions, etc. Manageability - supports PCRE for specifying database and tables inclusions and exclusions.