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MQTTnet (free) Download Full | **UPDATE

- MQTTnet

MQTTnet (free) Download Full | **UPDATE

Published Date: 2024-04-14

MQTTnet Free Download

MQTTnet, an open-source, cross-platform, embedded MQTT library, has evolved since becoming available via NuGet packages. It is now hosted on GitHub. The latest version offers a wide range of features for developers, including MQTT over WebSockets support, session persistence, SSL/TLS support, and more.

MQTTnet (free) is available for download on its official GitHub repository. The latest version, 3.6.0, includes several improvements and bug fixes over the previous versions. MQTTnet is a popular choice for developers building applications that need to communicate with MQTT brokers.

MQTTnet: MQTTnet is a high-performance .NET library for MQTT-based communication. It provides an MQTT client and an MQTT server (broker) and supports the MQTT protocol up to version 5. TLS support for client and server (but not UWP servers). Extensible communication channels (e.g. In-Memory, TCP, TCP+TLS, WS). Lightweight (only the low-level implementation of MQTT, no overhead). Performance optimized (processing ~150.000 messages/second). Uniform API across all supported versions of the MQTT protocol. Tested on the local machine (Intel i7 8700K) with MQTTnet client and server running in the same process using the TCP channel. The app for verification is part of this repository and stored in /Tests/MQTTnet.TestApp.NetCore. List of connected clients available. Supports connected clients with different protocol versions at the same time. Able to publish its own messages (no loopback client required). Able to receive every message (no loopback client required).