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milter manager Free Download for Windows & Mac

Protects you from spam mails and virus mails effectively with milter - milter manager

milter manager Free Download for Windows & Mac

Published Date: 2024-04-11

milter manager Free Download

Milter Manager is an indispensable tool for managing your email filtering processes on both Windows and Mac operating systems. It seamlessly integrates with popular mail servers, allowing you to configure, manage, and monitor multiple milter filters effectively. The user-friendly interface makes task execution effortless, providing a clear overview of all available filters and their status. With Milter Manager, you can secure your email infrastructure from spam, viruses, and other malicious content.

Download Milter Manager for free today and experience its transformative capabilities. Customize and apply filters to meet your specific requirements, ensuring that only legitimate emails reach your inbox. The intuitive control panel empowers you to stay in command of your email filtering processes, providing real-time updates on filter operations and the ability to make adjustments on the fly. By utilizing Milter Manager, you gain peace of mind knowing that your email communication is protected and optimized.

milter manager : This project has been moved to milter manager protects you from spam mails and virus mails effectively with milter. milter manager has embedded Ruby interpreter to control milters flexibly. milter manager can be used with Sendmail on Postfix on Ubuntu, CentOS, FreeBSD and so on.