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Laravel DataTables Editor Plugin (free) Download Full | **UPDATE

Laravel DataTables Editor Integration - Laravel DataTables Editor Plugin

Laravel DataTables Editor Plugin (free) Download Full | **UPDATE

Published Date: 2024-04-15

Laravel DataTables Editor Plugin Free Download

The Laravel DataTables Editor Plugin is a free and open-source package that makes it easy to add data editing capabilities to your Laravel applications. This plugin integrates seamlessly with DataTables, a popular JavaScript library for creating interactive and responsive data tables. With the Laravel DataTables Editor Plugin, you can quickly and easily add features such as inline editing, row deletion, and form validation to your data tables, making it easier for users to manage and update data in your application.

To use the Laravel DataTables Editor Plugin, you simply need to install it via Composer and configure it in your Laravel application. The plugin provides a variety of options to customize the editor's behavior, including the ability to specify which fields are editable, which validation rules should be applied, and how data should be saved and updated in your database. The plugin also supports a variety of data sources, including Eloquent models, arrays, and custom queries, making it flexible and easy to integrate with your existing application.

Laravel DataTables Editor Plugin: This package is a plugin of Laravel DataTables for processing the DataTables Editor library. DataTables Editor CRUD actions supported. Inline editing. Bulk edit & delete function. CRUD validation. CRUD pre/post events hooks. Artisan command for DataTables Editor generation.