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LAN Messenger Free Download for Windows & Mac

An intranet chat application that does not require a server. - LAN Messenger

LAN Messenger Free Download for Windows & Mac

Published Date: 2024-04-10

LAN Messenger Free Download

Introducing LAN Messenger, the essential communication tool for seamless collaboration within your network. Designed for both Windows and Mac users, this free software empowers you with robust messaging, file sharing, and presence management capabilities. Stay connected with colleagues, teammates, or family members effortlessly, ensuring smooth communication and efficient workflows.

LAN Messenger is incredibly easy to use. Download the software for free, install it on your devices, and connect them to the same local area network (LAN). Instantly, you'll be able to see who's online and send instant messages, share files, and even initiate voice or video calls. Its intuitive interface makes it effortless to organize your contacts, create group chats, and customize your preferences. Whether for personal or professional use, LAN Messenger is the ideal solution for streamlined communication within your network. It's secure, reliable, and available for free download on both Windows and Mac.

LAN Messenger : LAN Messenger is a p2p chat application for intranet communication and does not require a server. A variety of handy features are supported including notifications, personal and group messaging with encryption, file transfer and message logging.