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KB1OIQ - Andy's Ham Radio Linux (free) Download Full | **UPDATE

Xubuntu Linux remastered for Amateur Radio users - KB1OIQ - Andy's Ham Radio Linux

KB1OIQ - Andy's Ham Radio Linux (free) Download Full | **UPDATE

Published Date: 2024-05-01

KB1OIQ - Andy's Ham Radio Linux Free Download

KB1OIQ Andy's Ham Radio Linux is a Linux distribution developed specifically for ham radio enthusiasts. It comes pre-installed with a variety of software applications that are useful for ham radio operators, including logging software, digital modes software, and satellite tracking software. KB1OIQ Andy's Ham Radio Linux is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. It can be downloaded for free from the KB1OIQ website.

The latest version of KB1OIQ Andy's Ham Radio Linux is version 2.0. It was released in March 2023. Version 2.0 includes a number of new features and improvements, including support for the Raspberry Pi 4, a new user interface, and a number of new software applications.

KB1OIQ - Andy's Ham Radio Linux: Version 21 - last version to support 32-bit Version 25a: 05-May-2023 (xfce4) 64-bit, Xubuntu 22.04.0 This is a remastered version of Xubuntu Linux. PLEASE read this very fine document: This version contains a lot of amateur radio software including Fldigi, NBEMS, Gpredict, xcwcp and qrq, XLog and cqrlog, flrig and grig, xnec2c, fl_moxgen, aa-analyzer, owx, VOACAP, glfer, Xastir, gqrx, SDRangel, GNU Radio Companion, quisk, direwolf, FreeDV, wsjt-x, js8call, Micro-Fox 15 Config, TinyTrak3, sdrangel, M17 programs, and more! This software collection uses the Xfce4 desktop environment with menus customized for Amateur Radio use. Recommended minimums: 2GHz CPU, 4GB memory, and 15 GB of disk space (after the installation is complete). Find the new Raspberry Pi version here: