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J2ObjC (free) Download Full | **UPDATE

A Java to iOS Objective-C translation tool and runtime - J2ObjC

J2ObjC (free) Download Full | **UPDATE

Published Date: 2024-04-15

J2ObjC Free Download

J2ObjC is a powerful tool for developers looking to bridge the gap between Java and Objective-C. With J2ObjC, you can easily translate Java code into Objective-C, unlocking the potential to develop cross-platform applications for both iOS and Android. By leveraging J2ObjC's advanced compilation techniques, you can seamlessly integrate Java libraries and frameworks into your Objective-C projects, maximizing code reusability and reducing development time.

Downloading J2ObjC is a straightforward process, empowering you to quickly incorporate its capabilities into your development workflow. The latest version of J2ObjC is available as a free download, providing access to its comprehensive suite of features. Whether you are a seasoned Java developer seeking to expand your reach or an Objective-C developer looking to harness the power of Java, J2ObjC offers a robust solution for building high-quality, cross-platform applications.

J2ObjC: J2ObjC is an open-source command-line tool from Google that translates Java source code to Objective-C for the iOS (iPhone/iPad) platform. This tool enables Java source to be part of an iOS application's build, as no editing of the generated files is necessary. The goal is to write an app's non-UI code (such as application logic and data models) in Java, which is then shared by web apps (using GWT), Android apps, and iOS apps. J2ObjC supports most Java language and runtime features required by client-side application developers, including exceptions, inner and anonymous classes, generic types, threads and reflection. JUnit test translation and execution is also supported. J2ObjC cannot convert Android binary applications. Developers must have source code for their Android app, which they either own or are licensed to use.