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igmpproxy Free Download for Windows & Mac

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igmpproxy Free Download for Windows & Mac

Published Date: 2024-04-11

igmpproxy Free Download

Tired of being restricted by geographical limitations when accessing your favorite online content? igmpproxy offers a solution with its free proxy software designed for Windows and Mac users. This user-friendly tool empowers you to bypass regional restrictions and enjoy seamless access to geo-blocked websites, streaming services, and more. With igmpproxy, you can browse the internet with enhanced privacy and security, ensuring that your online activities remain confidential.

Installing igmpproxy is a breeze. Simply download the software package compatible with your operating system, follow the straightforward installation wizard, and you're ready to start surfing the web with unrestricted access. igmpproxy's intuitive interface makes it easy to manage your proxy settings, allowing you to switch between different proxy servers with just a few clicks. Whether you need to access region-locked content or protect your online identity, igmpproxy's free download provides a reliable and convenient solution.

igmpproxy : IGMPproxy is a simple dynamic Multicast Routing Daemon using only IGMP signalling. It's intended for simple forwarding of Multicast traffic between networks. The project is no longer maintained actively by the original author. For a more up to date version (latest patches applied), please check out