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Enums.NET (free) Download Full | **UPDATE

Enums.NET is a high-performance type-safe .NET enum utility library - Enums.NET

Enums.NET (free) Download Full | **UPDATE

Published Date: 2024-04-14

Enums.NET Free Download

Optimize your C# code with Enums.NET, a free and open-source library. This powerful tool empowers you to easily define and manage enums, enhancing code readability and maintainability. By leveraging Enums.NET, you can easily create custom enums with extended capabilities, including named values, descriptions, and flags.

The latest update of Enums.NET brings forth a plethora of enhancements. Notable among these is the improved support for nullable enums, enabling you to represent optional enum values in a seamless manner. Additionally, performance optimizations have been implemented, ensuring faster execution times and enhanced user experience. Enums.NET remains a valuable asset for any C# developer seeking to elevate the quality and efficiency of their code.

Enums.NET: Enums.NET is a high-performance type-safe .NET enum utility library that provides many operations as convenient extension methods. It is compatible with .NET Framework 4.5+ and .NET Standard 1.0+. To help you migrate your code to using the new methods I have created the C# roslyn analyzer Enums.NET.Analyzer which provides a code fix to migrate your usage of the non-generic and unsafe methods to the new methods.