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cuda-z Free Download for Windows & Mac

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cuda-z Free Download for Windows & Mac

Published Date: 2024-04-12

cuda-z Free Download

CUDA-Z is a free, open-source application that provides detailed information about your graphics card's capabilities. It is a valuable tool for developers, gamers, and anyone who wants to know more about their graphics hardware. CUDA-Z can be downloaded for free from the official website.

CUDA-Z is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. The application is easy to use and provides a wealth of information about your graphics card. CUDA-Z can display information about the card's name, model, BIOS version, driver version, CUDA compute capability, and memory size and bandwidth. CUDA-Z is powered by machine learning and provides accurate and real-time information about your graphics card. It is a must-have tool for anyone who wants to get the most out of their graphics hardware.

cuda-z : Simple program that displays information about CUDA-enabled devices. The program is equipped with GPU performance test.