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CryptoSwift (free) Download Full | **UPDATE

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CryptoSwift (free) Download Full | **UPDATE

Published Date: 2024-04-14

CryptoSwift Free Download

CryptoSwift (free) is an open-source Swift library that offers a comprehensive set of cryptographic algorithms and data structures. It enables developers to securely implement cryptography in their iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS projects. Developers can encrypt and decrypt data, generate and verify signatures, and implement hashing algorithms using CryptoSwift's user-friendly API. Additionally, the library provides support for Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC), making it suitable for advanced cryptographic applications.

To utilize CryptoSwift, developers can simply download the latest version from the official GitHub repository and add it to their Xcode project. The library's intuitive design and extensive documentation make it easy to integrate into existing codebases. CryptoSwift is continuously updated with the latest security standards, ensuring that developers can rely on its robustness and reliability. Whether you're a seasoned cryptographer or a beginner looking to implement cryptography in your Swift projects, CryptoSwift (free) is an invaluable resource that empowers you to build secure and reliable applications.

CryptoSwift: The master branch follows the latest currently released version of Swift. If you need an earlier version for an older version of Swift, you can specify its version in your Podfile or use the code on the branch for that version. Older branches are unsupported. Swift Package Manager uses debug configuration for debug Xcode build, that may result in significant (up to x10000) worse performance. Performance characteristic is different in Release build. XCFrameworks require Xcode 11 or later and they can be integrated similarly to how we’re used to integrating the .framework format. Embedded frameworks require a minimum deployment target of iOS 9 or macOS Sierra (10.12). CryptoSwift uses array of bytes aka Array as a base type for all operations. Every data may be converted to a stream of bytes. You will find convenience functions that accept String or Data, and it will be internally converted to the array of bytes.