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Cloud Commander (free) Download Full | **UPDATE

Cloud Commander file manager for the web with console and editor - Cloud Commander

Cloud Commander (free) Download Full | **UPDATE

Published Date: 2024-04-14

Cloud Commander Free Download

Cloud Commander is an open-source file manager, with a modern web interface and powerful features. It allows you to manage your files, folders, and cloud storage accounts from a single, easy-to-use interface. Cloud Commander supports a variety of cloud storage providers, including Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive. It also supports WebDAV and FTP/SFTP servers.

Cloud Commander is packed with features, including file and folder management, file editing, text editing, image editing, and more. It also has a built-in terminal emulator, which allows you to run commands on your server. Cloud Commander is free to download and use, and it is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. For the best cloud management experience, Download Full UPDATE of Cloud Commander today!

Cloud Commander: Cloud Commander is a file manager for the web. It includes a command-line console and a text editor. Cloud Commander helps you manage your server and work with files, directories and programs in a web browser from any computer, mobile or tablet. Can be used local or remotely. Adapts to screen size. 3 built-in editors with support of syntax highlighting: Dword, Edward and Deepword. Console with support of the default OS command line. Written in JavaScript/Node.js. Built-in archives pack: zip and tar.gz. Built-in archives extract: zip, tar, gz, bz2, .tar.gz and .tar.bz2 (with help of inly). Cloud Commander could be used as middleware for node.js applications based on and express. The docker images are provided for multiple architectures and types. Config would be read from home directory, hosts root file system would be mount to /mnt/fs, 8000 port would be exposed to hosts port.