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ClipAngel (free) Download Full | **UPDATE

Clipboard history capture and paste tool - ClipAngel

ClipAngel (free) Download Full | **UPDATE

Published Date: 2024-04-14

ClipAngel Free Download

ClipAngel is a freeware clipboard manager for Windows that allows you to save and organize your copied text, images, and files. It can also be used to automatically paste text and files into other applications. ClipAngel is a powerful tool that can help you to save time and increase your productivity. It is available for download from the ClipAngel website.

ClipAngel is easy to use. Simply copy any text, image, or file to your clipboard, and it will be automatically added to ClipAngel's history. You can then view your history and select the item that you want to paste. ClipAngel also allows you to create custom categories and subcategories to help you organize your clipboard history. You can also use ClipAngel to automatically paste text and files into other applications. This can be a useful feature for tasks such as filling out forms or sending emails.

ClipAngel: This program belongs to class "Clipboard Manager". It captures many clipboard objects and allows user to select and paste one in any program. Inspired by analogs: ClipDiary, Ditto, AceText. Main priorities: usability, compatibility, reliability. Requires .Net Framework 4.52+ (Windows Vista+/Server 2008+)