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c-icap (free) Download Full | **UPDATE

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c-icap (free) Download Full | **UPDATE

Published Date: 2024-04-14

c-icap Free Download

C-icap is a free, open-source web security software that provides advanced protection against web-based threats. It acts as a reverse proxy, intercepting and filtering all incoming and outgoing web traffic for malicious content. This helps prevent malware, phishing attacks, data breaches, and other online threats from reaching your network. C-icap offers a comprehensive range of security features, including antivirus, anti-malware, URL filtering, and intrusion detection. It also supports a variety of authentication and authorization methods to control access to web resources.

C-icap is a flexible and scalable solution that can be deployed on various platforms, including Linux, Windows, and macOS. It can be integrated with popular web servers such as Apache, Nginx, and IIS, making it easy to add an extra layer of security to your existing infrastructure. C-icap is regularly updated with the latest threat intelligence and security patches, ensuring that it remains effective against evolving cyber threats. Additionally, it comes with a user-friendly interface and extensive documentation, making it accessible to users of all skill levels.

c-icap: c-icap is an implementation of an ICAP server. It can be used with HTTP proxies that support the ICAP protocol such as the Squid 3.x HTTP proxy server to implement content adaptation/filtering services.