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AWX (free) Download Full | **UPDATE


AWX (free) Download Full | **UPDATE

Published Date: 2024-04-14

AWX Free Download

**AWX (free) Download Full | Update** AWX is an open-source automation platform that provides a graphical user interface (GUI) for managing and automating complex IT processes. It is based on the popular Ansible automation engine and offers a wide range of features for automating infrastructure, applications, and cloud environments. AWX is designed to be scalable, reliable, and easy to use, making it a valuable tool for organizations of all sizes. The latest version of AWX is available for free download from the official website. The update includes several new features and improvements, including:

- **Enhanced job scheduling:** AWX now offers more flexible job scheduling options, including the ability to schedule jobs based on cron expressions or external events. - **Improved credential management:** AWX now supports a wider range of credential types, including SSH keys, certificates, and secrets stored in external vaults. - **New inventory management features:** AWX now provides more granular control over inventory management, including the ability to define custom inventory sources and filter hosts based on specific criteria. - **Updated user interface:** AWX's user interface has been redesigned to improve usability and efficiency. The new interface includes a simplified navigation menu, more intuitive controls, and a new dashboard that provides a quick overview of the system's status.

AWX: AWX provides a web-based user interface, REST API, and task engine built on top of Ansible. It is one of the upstream projects for Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform. Starting in version 18.0, the AWX Operator is the preferred way to install AWX. AWX can also alternatively be installed and run in Docker, but this install path is only recommended for development/test-oriented deployments, and has no official published release. Uses naming and structure consistent with the AWX HTTP API. Provides consistent output formats with optional machine-parsable formats. To the extent possible, auto-detects API versions, available endpoints, and feature support across multiple versions of AWX. Potential uses include configuring and launching jobs/playbooks, checking on the status and output of job runs, and managing objects like organizations, users, teams, etc.