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aws-encryption-sdk-cli (free) Download Full | **UPDATE

- aws-encryption-sdk-cli

aws-encryption-sdk-cli (free) Download Full | **UPDATE

Published Date: 2024-04-14

aws-encryption-sdk-cli Free Download

The aws-encryption-sdk-cli (free) download is available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. The CLI provides a simple and consistent interface for managing encryption keys and performing encryption and decryption operations. It can be used to create, rotate, and delete keys; encrypt and decrypt data; and generate and verify message authentication codes (MACs). The CLI is also integrated with the AWS Key Management Service (KMS), which allows you to use AWS KMS to manage your encryption keys.

To download the aws-encryption-sdk-cli, visit the AWS Encryption SDK website. Once you have downloaded the CLI, you can install it by following the instructions in the README file. Once the CLI is installed, you can use it to manage your encryption keys and perform encryption and decryption operations. For more information on how to use the CLI, please refer to the AWS Encryption SDK documentation.

aws-encryption-sdk-cli: This command line tool can be used to encrypt and decrypt files and directories using the AWS Encryption SDK. If you have not already installed cryptography, you might need to install additional prerequisites as detailed in the cryptography installation guide for your operating system. Installation using a python virtual environment is recommended to avoid conflicts between system packages and user-installed packages. For the most part, the behavior of aws-encryption-cli in handling files is based on that of GNU CLIs such as cp. A qualifier to this is that when encrypting a file, if a directory is provided as the destination, rather than creating the source filename in the destination directory, a suffix is appended to the destination filename. By default the suffix is .encrypted when encrypting and .decrypted when decrypting, but a custom suffix can be provided by the caller if desired.