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ASP.NET Boilerplate (free) Download Full | **UPDATE

- ASP.NET Boilerplate

ASP.NET Boilerplate (free) Download Full | **UPDATE

Published Date: 2024-04-14

ASP.NET Boilerplate Free Download

ASP.NET Boilerplate is a free and open-source framework that helps developers build modern web applications. It provides a solid foundation for building scalable, maintainable, and testable applications. ASP.NET Boilerplate is built on top of the ASP.NET Core framework and it incorporates best practices and patterns for building web applications.

The latest version of ASP.NET Boilerplate is 4.4.0 and it includes several new features and improvements. Some of the new features include support for .NET 6, Blazor, and Angular. It also includes a number of bug fixes and performance improvements. You can download the latest version of ASP.NET Boilerplate from the official website.

ASP.NET Boilerplate: ASP.NET Boilerplate is a general purpose application framework especially designed for new modern web applications. It uses already familiar tools and implements best practices around them to provide you a SOLID development experience. Provides a layered architectural model based on Domain Driven Design. Designed as modular and extensible. Provides infrastructure to build your own modules too. SaaS applications made easy! Integrated multi-tenancy from database to UI. Designed and developed DDD in mind. Provides a SOLID model for your application. Compherensive documentation and jump start tutorials. Actively developed on GitHub (MIT license) and open for contributions. Don't Repeat Yourself! ASP.NET Boilerplate automates common software development tasks by convention. You focus on your business code. Create your solution based on free or premium startup templates. Either with an Angular Single-Page Application or Classic MVC & jQuery architecture.