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ArUco Free Download for Windows & Mac

Augmented reality library based on OpenCV - ArUco

ArUco Free Download for Windows & Mac

Published Date: 2024-04-11

ArUco Free Download

Unleash the power of augmented reality with ArUco, a remarkable library for Windows and Mac. ArUco seamlessly combines virtual elements with the real world, enabling you to create interactive experiences and groundbreaking applications. This free download empowers you to harness the potential of ArUco's cutting-edge features, providing a gateway to limitless possibilities.

With ArUco, the boundaries between the digital and physical realms blur. Its advanced marker detection capabilities allow you to seamlessly integrate virtual objects into your surroundings. By utilizing unique markers, ArUco precisely tracks their position and orientation in real-time, enabling you to create immersive augmented reality applications. Unleash your creativity and transform your world with the power of ArUco, available as a free download for Windows and Mac.

ArUco : ArUco is a minimal library for Augmented Reality applications based exclusively on OpenCV. Relies on b/w markers with codes that are detected by calling a single function. Trivial integration of your augmented reality applications with OpenGL and OGRE. See documentation at