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AKS Engine (free) Download Full | **UPDATE

AKS Engine units of Kubernetes on Azure! - AKS Engine

AKS Engine (free) Download Full | **UPDATE

Published Date: 2024-04-14

AKS Engine Free Download

AKS Engine (free) lets you provision and manage a Kubernetes cluster in Azure without having to manually create or configure virtual machines or other infrastructure components. AKS Engine is an open-source project that you can use to create and manage clusters in any Azure region. You can also use AKS Engine to create clusters in other public clouds, such as AWS and GCP.

AKS Engine is a great option for organizations that want to use Kubernetes without having to manage the underlying infrastructure. AKS Engine is also a good option for organizations that want to use Kubernetes in a hybrid environment. AKS Engine can be used to create clusters in Azure, on-premises, or in a combination of both. AKS Engine is a free and open-source project that can be downloaded from GitHub.

AKS Engine: AKS Engine is an ARM template-driven way to provision a self-managed Kubernetes cluster on Azure. By leveraging ARM (Azure Resource Manager), AKS Engine helps you create, destroy and maintain clusters provisioned with basic IaaS resources in Azure. AKS Engine has limited support for ongoing operational capabilities such as scaling, in-place upgrades, and extensions. The Cluster API Provider for Azure a.k.a. CAPZ provides more complete operational capabilities. AKS Engine remains the tool for managing Kubernetes clusters on Azure Stack Hub as CAPZ does not yet work there. Read the CLI Overview for a list of features provided by the aks-engine command-line tool. The Quickstart Guide describes how to download the latest release of aks-engine for your environment, and demonstrates how to use aks-engine to create a Kubernetes cluster on Azure that you will manage and customize.